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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of Legacy Hall?

Depending on event setup of banquet style, cocktail style, presentation style, etc. our venue can comfortably accommodate up to 65 guests.

Does your venue have a kitchen for food to be cooked on the premises?

A: We have a prep kitchen that includes Refrigerator, Freezer, Microwave, Counter Space, and Double Sink. There is no cooking or frying with open flames allowed inside the venue. You are welcome to bring Chafing/Warming dishes, and we also have them available rent during your event.

Do you offer extra time for me to decorate for my event in addition to the hours I booked?

Your access to the venue begins at the start time of the you booked and paid for.  For example, if your booking is from 4pm-10pm. You would gain access to the venue at 4pm. You may purchase additional hours if the time is available with proper notice. Additional hours may be added at the time of booking. We do not add additional hours the day of or the day before the event.

Do I have to use your caterer and other vendors for my event?

Here at Legacy Hall we have a phenomenal group of in-house vendor affiliates.... Caterers, Bakers, Decorators, Balloon Artist, DJ, Bartenders, Photographers, Wedding Officiant, Security, and more to make your event as simple and stress free as possible.  However, we do not require that you use our caterers or other vendors for your events.

Is there a minimum amount of hours that are required for booking?

Yes. On Friday and Saturday there is a 6hr minimum booking. This requirement is to ensure that you don't feel rushed and are able to enjoy the full experience of your event. It has been our experience that most event rentals require at least 6 hours. This includes the time you will need to decorate, setup food items, enjoy your event, and have venue cleaned up and ready to vacate at the end of your booking time. On Weekdays there is a 2hr booking minimum.

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